Anime Club helps students relax

All members of the Anime club get together and show off their sweet costumes

In Anime Club all the members are like one giant family making their own family tree that dates back to when Anime Club first began at Heritage in 2012. At the top of the family tree is the founder of the club and the lower branches identify officers and members of the club. This tree helps the club keep track of club members and the growth of interest in the club over time. Most of the members of Anime Club are people who enjoy reading Manga, Japanese comic books based around characters with various unique styles.

Some members also draw Anime characters and create their own stories.
Anime Club is a place where students can watch Anime shows, enjoy snacks and drinks, do homework, or play games. Every Friday the club members pick out different shows and vote to choose a show that is appropriate for the club to watch that day. Certain kinds of shows, ones that have significant gore and offensive language or nudity, are off-limits. The club has parties on special occasions where students bring pizza, soda, and, for dessert, Pocky, a Japanese chocolate,  covered bread stick.
The club is mostly run by members who have been to Anime Club and know the ropes, with older members usually guiding the activities of the club. Junior and Senior club presidents decide on certain club events and shows. They also communicate with each other and work with teachers to schedule club meetings and events.

“It’s a great place that helps me relax and I can just be with my friends and enjoy watching some Anima,” says Grace Conolly ’17.

The club is looking for a sophomore president is mostly in charge of organizing food for parties.

“It’s nice to have a club where we as a club can decide on something and everyone doesn’t judge you can just be your self. Almost all of my friends go to Anime club and they enjoy it. I also learn about new Anime shows that I didn’t know about,” Jaye Watson ’17 says.
Anime Club meets on the third floor on Fridays from 2:20 -3:30. All are welcome.


All members of the Anime club get together and show off their sweet costumes

All members of the Anime Club get together and show off their costumes as they celebrated Halloween this school year.

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