An inconvenient truth now a reality

The world’s animal population is rapidly declining everyday due to climate change. The polar bear is one of the many species in danger in part due to its melting habitat. In the last century, the earth has warmed approximately 1 degree Fahrenheit. These changes taking place in the climate are putting animals such as the polar bear in great danger.

Danika Lamb ’13 expresses her disappointment of the global crisis, “I totally believe that global warming exisits and is ruining our planet,” explains Lamb, “It affects everything from the planet’s animals to our atmosphere”.

Polar bears are decreasing in numbers steadily. The main cause of their dwindling population is global warming and its effects on the enviroment.

Beginning in May 2008, the polar bear has been lsited as a threatened animal.  This is the cause of their damaged enviroment. Melting icecaps cause polar bears to go to unthinkable measures to stay alive.  But these measures are not acceptable for the polar bear population.  The International Union for the Conservation of Nature estimates that there are only 20,000-25,000 polar bears left. The diminishing population isn’t the only concern. According to, the dwindling area of hunting land “has driven some polar bears to resort to cannibalism”.

Several other problems stem from this situation. This is only the beginning of the crumbling of the ecosystem as the earth knows it. Every carbon foot print pressed upon this planet is directly affecting the environment and the earth’s future.

But, we can change this. With small steps toward rebuilding our planet, we can diminish the effects on the environment.

Catherine Wood ’13 shares her contributions to helping the environment, “I do little things like recycle at home and school. Every little thing helps”, says Wood.

Every little thing does help to rebuild our planet and save our endangered animals from the harmful effects of global warming.

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