Amidon eager to be a Heritage Eagle

With school back in session, there’s been a new face around the halls.

Mrs. Nicole Amidon is a new Heritage Eagle working as an Assistant Principal and school psychologist. Amidon has mostly worked with high school kids, teaching for ten years and being in administration for another ten. She first got involved in education because she loved teaching English, working with kids and helping them succeed. “At the heart of it, it’s really about helping kids,” says Amidon.

Amidon picture

Amidon is eager to be a Heritage Eagle!

Amidon’s goal for students this year is to help them succeed in their education, which hopefully is their goal too. As a new staff member, she eagerly anticipates meeting the students and staff. During her twenty years in education, Amidon has been inspired by the passion of students. “If I can leave kids with a sense of who they are and how they fit into the world, that’s ultimately the most important thing,” says Amidon. “Mrs. Amidon will be a wonderful asset to our school,” says Ms. Kerry Ficklin, the secretary to the Assistant Principals.

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