Alpine Club Elevates MAD Week

   During MAD Week, a tremendous amount of effort goes into raising money for the student selected cause. Whether it be a volleyball tournament, a raffle or a head shaving fundraiser, there are always multiple ways that students can help support MAD Week. On the weekend of May 7, there was another event to help raise money: the Alpine Club sponsored MAD Week hike.

   On Saturday, May 7, the Alpine club reached the summit of Bergen Peak, a 9.4 mile round trip standing at 9,708 feet. Located North East of the Mount Evans wilderness, the club left at 7 a.m. and returned around 5 p.m. The hike itself will took around six or seven hours, round trip.

   “I thought it would be a wonderful way for the Alpine Club to hike and raise money for a good cause at the same time,” says club sponsor Mr. Guy Warren. “Truly a win-win.”

   In order to raise money, the club members have a sponsorship form. Each member who plans on participating in the hike takes the form around to parents, family, friends and teachers to pledge money towards their hike. The amount of money pledged by each sponsor is one total pledge they give to the hiker and not given for every vertical foot that the hiker climbs. The club ended up raising $173.00, which was doubled by the Anschutz Foundation to come to a total of $346.00.

   “This hike is a unique way of fundraising because it is completely separate from the other activities. We as a club are individually contributing to MAD Week,” says Ellen Best ’16.

   Besides a monetary focus, the hikers will get to add 3,000 vertical feet to their grand totals as well as explore new parts of Colorado.

“Hiking allows one to push through boundaries both physically and emotionally, and one understands that it’s OK not to not make the summit if conditions don’t allow,” says Warren.


Including the Bergen Peak hike, the Alpine Club has two more hikes to go on. In total, they will have gone on thirteen hikes by the end of this school year.


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