All-State results released for 2015

Every year, over 2,500 students audition to be in the Colorado All-State choirs.

Their preparation begins anywhere from freshman year to a week before auditions, and about twenty-one students from the school waited for the results to be released.

students accepted for the choirs
Heritage seniors and juniors accepted into the All-State choirs.

The results were posted on Monday, November 17 on the choir room doors. Only a handful of students made it into any of the three choirs All-State has to offer: women’s, men’s and mixed.

“It was really stressful when we were auditioning because there was a bunch of other stuff going on at the same time with band,” says Katie Nelson ‘15.

Stakes were high for returning members this year, as they were not guaranteed another spot in any of the choirs, even after already being a part of one. Heritage seniors Emily Sasaki , Clay Fejes and Trey Taylor were in All-State last year.

“The pressure that everyone feels this year is that last year the results came in December, and we forgot about it, because it was so competitive. But then the results came in and we were thrilled, but now this year all I can think about is I have to make it in again my second year,” says Sasaki.

Members will not be placed in a choir that they were placed in during the previous year. The men are either in the men’s or the mixed choir, and women will either be in mixed or the women’s choir, depending on what they have already been in.

Students that have been accepted into All-State this year are  Katie Nelson ’15 for the mixed choir, Trey Taylor ’15 for the men’s choir, Emily Sasaki ’15 for the women’s choir and Savannah Johnson ’16 for the mixed choir.


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