Advisories need advice

There is an epidemic in Heritage—the epidemic of boring advisories. You can identify these sad happenings by certain characteristics that bad advisories always have.

According to Mr. Rudolph, one of the many advisory teachers at Heritage High School, there are two main things that could go wrong in advisories.

“One of the reasons we have advisory is to distribute information that the students need to know. If the teacher doesn’t distribute the information, then that teacher wouldn’t be completely doing their job,” Rudolph says.

Another huge mistake an advisory could make is not letting the students have time to talk.

“Building a community with people that you’re not normally with is another important goal for advisory,” Rudolph added.

Advisories with kids who feel excluded can be another issue. Students need to be involved with their advisories. One great strategy that has been used by many advisories is having the advisory teacher or students bringing food in for the whole class.

“My favorite part of advisory is definitely when Rudolph gives us food,” says Danny Hall, ’16

Bringing food to advisory encourages interaction and makes students happier not only during advisory, but for the rest of the day.

Advisory teachers getting lazy?
Advisory teachers getting lazy?
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