December, 2018


Alpine Club climbs to new heights

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Snowy Outdoor Activity

The special edition for the HHS Pioneer offers the staff a new way of expressing a fun loving and personal approach to the paper.

Alpine Club climbs to new heights

Heritage’s Alpine Club has kept busy since the start of the school year, taking their first hike up Goliath Peak on August 25. The kick off hike of the year offered new members a taste of what the club has to offer. Mr. Warren, Heritage Math Teacher, has been sponsoring the club for 18 years.

Advocating for Middle Eastern women

Since the rise in concern over the treatment of women in the Middle Eastern countries, women’s rights activists of the western world have been walking the fine line between advocating for women’s rights and respecting religious tradition at the same time.

Amendment 73 fails to pass

The people have decided. On November 6th, the Colorado electorate had decided to not pass Amendment 73, which would have established a new, more intricate tax system for education. With the fall of this initiative come ramifications for our school system.

A Sporting Chance

Since the relatively recent advent of radio, and subsequently television, broadcast journalism is an industry that has skyrocketed in modern popularity. This industry, specifically in sports broadcast, tends to be majorly dominated by a male presence.

VPN Policy Explained

Within the last six months there has been a noticeable increase of VPN usage within the student body in the Littleton Public School District. As a result, the school is more strictly enforcing the policy in place.

Snowy Indoor Day

For the special edition of The Pioneer the staff takes on a lighthearted approach to the paper.

Juuling Punishment Continues

Since the release of vape pens to the market, they have become increasingly popular, particularly in high schools, and Heritage is no exception. Administration has since been exploring ways to fix the problem in order to keep students safe from the harmful effects of vaping.