Freshmen experience new orientation format

   School has started and the freshmen have arrived, this year there is a change to the start of school. The freshmen had an entire day to themselves, this way they could to see the school.

   “It gave the freshmen a chance to get a tour around the school,” says Ms. Brittmarie Solis, LINK advisor.

It gave freshmen a chance to see the school without the student body around. It seems that the student body would have preferred their orientation to be similar .

“I wish our orientation was like what they did this year,” says Kyra Hause ’21.

The extra day was effective for the freshmen to navigate the school before the craze of the next day.

“It was better getting to know the school on my own than just trying to learn with everyone else there,” says Kate Musgrove ’22.

“I think that LINK helped freshmen navigate the school,” says Elise Mutz ’19.


Freshmen enjoying their first day of high school. Meeting their LINK leaders and hopefully potential friends.

Freshmen enjoyed their first day of high school. They met their LINK leaders and potentially new friends.

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