Lee jumps into new adventure

Ms. Lori Lee, one of the most dedicated physical education teachers, will be leaving Heritage High School. Lee has worked here for over 18 years, and both of her children have attended and graduated from Heritage as well.

Lee teaches rock climbing, swimming, health and cardio. She has coached basketball, volleyball, golf, tennis and cross country as well as organizing the Liberty Bell cross country meet for 13 years.

Although she taught elementary school and joined the military, Lee is adamant that teaching at Heritage has been the highlight of her career, especially being in charge of the Liberty Bell and making sure everything runs smoothly.

“I find her always striving to do the right thing. She doesn’t slack and there’s always something to do in her classes. I will miss her when she leaves and it will be a big loss to Heritage,” states Isaac Reaves ’19, a student in Lee’s advisory.

Lee loves her job because it allows her to develop new relationships with hundreds of students. It also keeps her young and allows her to share her passion: physical fitness.

“I love sharing a message of physical fitness and its importance to lifelong physical and mental health. I hope to convey just how impactful it is on daily life as well as its prevention of illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes,” says Lee.

Lee tries to be approachable to both students and staff and helps students succeed in her class. She strives to be involved in her students’ lives and assist them in achieving their goals.

One of her favorite memories is when she almost fell into the pool but was able to catch herself, her gradebook falling in instead. Her classroom is always focused, but it’s also important to Lee to include fun and silliness into her curriculum.

Her plans after retirement include working out, traveling and volunteering with her church. Her husband is retiring at the same time, allowing them to spend much more time together.

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Track and Field hosts Liberty Bell amid exciting season

Every year around the end of April, Heritage hosts a huge track meet with about 40 schools participating. Organizing the event this year is the head track coach Mr. Tyler Knoblock, from the Physical Education Department. The meet was held on April 27 after school and April 28 during most of the day.

Ms. Jill McCormick from the Math Department ran the event in the past. She emphasizes the need to prepare and be ready for any circumstances. The organizer especially has to be aware of the weather conditions.

“One time the wind picked up a tent and blew it across the track,” McCormick recalls.

“Mentally I’m really excited because [the event] was canceled last year,” comments Braxton Sorenson ’18.

Sorenson is happy with how he has progressed in his training and is optimistic about the meet.

Knoblock is organizing the event according to the format used in past years.

“I do a good job of delegating things between coaching staff, parents and the Athletic Department. It’s all taken care of,” comments Knoblock.

According to McCormick, Heritage has performed best during the individual events in the past years. Knoblock’s goal for this year is very simple.

“I hope a lot of athletes find great success. I’m just trying to make it as good a representation of our program as possible,” he says.

Knoblock’s goal speaks for the purpose of the event itself. It’s meant to represent Heritage and encourage athletes to do their best.

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Cantwell, Peach sponsor EF trip to Europe

By Maddie Hause

While the trip is not sponsored by LPS, the trip is an educational opportunity and gives students a chance to expand their knowledge of the world. They will be introduced to the fine cuisine of northern Italy and experience the beautiful spanish coast, while they traverse across the cultural landscape of Europe.

The group will have the special opportunity to go hiking in the Swiss Alps, as well as visit the Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, the unfinished Cathedral that towers over Spain. There will be a walking tour through Nice, Italy, and a visit to the Cinque Terre in France. The sights will be endless and many of the students expect to cherish the trip long after their wonderful experience in Europe.

Lauren Clouse ‘18, didn’t have to consider long before applying for the trip.

“It’s a big commitment, but I really want to have the experience,” shares Clouse, referring to the large financial and time commitment.

The supervisors, Ms. Peach and Mrs. Cantwell, are seasoned travelers and will continue to brave new obstacles and absorb unique cultures on the trip. Ms. Peach has successfully brought students to Europe twice before through EF educational tours, in 2014 and 2016, and is confident in the enrichment and positive impact of the journey.

Though Mrs. Cantwell has not had as much travel experience as Ms. Peach, she is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the many cultures of the world.

“I want to see as much as I can!” Cantwell remarks vivaciously. “I’ll be taking part of the group on a bike tour through Spain, which is one of the best ways to explore the cities.”

Europe Trip Pic

Cantwell and Clouse look forward to experiencing Italy, Spain, Switzerland and France on their trip this summer.

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Zolle looks forward to adventures in retirement

After many years of teaching at Heritage, Lisa Zolle will be one of the teachers who will retire at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. Her legacy has reached far across many faculty, students, and alumni who have been a part of Heritage.

Taylor Nossaman ‘18, reflects on how Zolle impacted her high school career.

“Having Ms. Zolle for AP Seminar allowed me to develop as a writer. She always made sure we understood the task before us, even if it meant going word for word through the rubric. Ms. Zolle has impacted Heritage by setting a precedent as the first AP Capstone teacher.”

Before teaching AP Seminar, Zolle was the AP Biology teacher at Heritage. In both classes she strived to helped her students achieve success not solely on the exam, but on the lessons and purpose of the courses themselves. Hannah McDaniel ‘15 comments on how Zolle impacted her when she was in her AP Biology class.

“I felt like Mrs. Zolle prepared us really well for AP Biology and for the test, and she made each unit interesting. She also acted as a mentor for me throughout the college application process, and helped encourage me to stay on the pre-med track.” McDaniel says.

As for her future plans, Zolle discusses how she plans to spend her retirement by being involved in her passion.

“I want to do some travelling, but I am also looking forward to teaching part time at the zoo. They have education programs for preschool up to college age. I want to do the travelling through National Geographic, and they are going to get the best stories and the best pictures so I think that would make for the best adventures.”

Zolle’s involvement in Heritage has not just been in the science classes that she has taught, but in many other fields at the school. She is a part of the Leadership Alliance Committee and Community Relations, to name a few.

Zolle has truly spread her influence and talent into all aspects of the Heritage community, and her presence in the school as a colleague, teacher and mentor will be missed.

Zolle helps a student prepare for the AP Seminar exam. Zolle has taught AP Capstone courses as well as AP Biology while at Heritage.

Zolle helps a student prepare for the AP Seminar exam. Zolle has taught AP Capstone courses as well as AP Biology while at Heritage.

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Lawson leaves with a full heart

After spending 14 years at Heritage, Mrs. Laronda Lawson is deciding what comes next, as well as reflecting on the close relationships she got to build with students.

Lawson formerly taught at Euclid Middle School, where students would always ask her if she was going to come to high school with them. When the position at Heritage opened up, she took the opportunity, since she’d never worked at a high school before. It gave her the chance to get even closer with students.

“It’s the students. It’s the relationships that I build and watching them grow from the moment they walk in the door as freshmen to the moment they graduate,” says Lawson.

As for after-retirement plans, Lawson is leaving her options pretty open as for future employment, but she looks forward to plenty of traveling.

“My sister lives in Honolulu and I haven’t been there in 11 years, so I think it’s time. I think I’m going to try to take a trip this fall somewhere. I’d like to do Europe but I haven’t figured it out yet. But I am planning on working again,” adds Lawson.

Molly Callison ’18 is thankful for Lawson’s positive presence at Heritage. Callison believes that Lawson makes Heritage a safe and loving place, plus she has great insight on the college search process.

“She’s been helpful to me on both the social front and the academic front. She helped me map out my high school career so I’d be the most successful and has dealt with the life problems I’ve brought to her in a caring yet professional manner. I think that Mrs. Lawson has made an impact on Heritage in the genuine kindness she shows in the hallways. She always says hello and calls people by name and it makes me, for one, feel seen
and cared for,” says Callison.

Lawson poses in her office with hearts from students.

Lawson poses in her office with hearts from students.

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Longtime coach, staff member leaves Heritage

Mr. Scott Hormann is a staff member who has served this school in various ways for the past 10 years. Recently, Hormann decided that he would be leaving his position as a member of the security team at the conclusion of the 2017-2018 school year.

“I have my own business, Colorado Khaos, which is something that I have been doing for 10 years. I also started a broadcasting show that covers high school sports games all over the state. Working on both of these things has been very difficult in addition to my job here at Heritage, and so I have decided to commit to those full time. The decision to leave has been difficult, as I love the administration, teachers and kids here. It has been a huge part of my life, and getting to watch kids come in as freshmen with no identity and then leave as strong young men and women has been one of the best things to be a part of. I have made so many incredible relationships with students here, and leaving that will definitely be difficult to do,” says Hormann.

Trevor Young ’18 is a student who has formed a good relationship with Hormann during his time here, both as a student, and as an athlete under Hormann’s position as a baseball coach.

“Coach Hormann has been someone who I have always loved seeing at school, and with him being my coach, I really had an opportunity to build a relationship with him. I think that he has always really connected with a lot of students, and it is really unfortunate that future students won’t get to know him like so many of my classmates and I did,” says Young.

Hormann’s business has grown tremendously since he started it, and now that he is also adding a broadcasting show to his schedule, he is very busy outside of Heritage walls. His show will be on the Colorado Sports Prep AT&T Network for anyone hoping to hear live coverages of high school games.

Hormann works at the front desk during the school day. This was one of his many duties as a security guard for the school.

Hormann works at the front desk during the school day. This was one of his many duties as a security guard for the school.

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Frau Mitchell retires after 30 years of teaching

 Mrs. Robin Mitchell, more known as Frau by her students, has been teaching for 30 years. She started out at Euclid Middle School as a French teacher, then she taught a night class at Arapahoe Community College when her children were little. She then arrived at Heritage and has been the loved German teacher for 24 years.

  When reminiscing on her years at Heritage, she remembers one day in particular.

  “With a fourth year class a couple of years ago, we did this book activity… Kids in class wrote pairs of reproaches and excuses and then we took them apart and we grabbed one of the ‘why were you not there’ questions and paired it with an excuse, and they were hilarious. I almost fell on the floor laughing. We were laughing so hard that teachers asked me later, ‘What were you laughing about during class?’ It was sweet,” she tells.

  Like many students, Abigail Armstrong ’19 who has been in German for three years, is downcast about Frau leaving.

  “I’ll miss all of Frau’s stories and the way she made time every day to talk with us,” says Armstrong.

  Students are so grateful for all she has done teaching us German and about life.

  Frau has mixed feelings about leaving.

  “I am looking forward to having time to do things that I can’t do now but also, I am really going to miss people here,” she says.

  The bittersweet time of Frau leaving is impactful for her and all of her students. Her plan is to see her grandchildren in California more and take care of her parents.

  One thing Frau always tell her students is how excited she is for us to meet our new teacher.

  “I can’t say enough good things about her… I have no regret about what’s going to happen to the German students here at Heritage. I will miss them but the program is going to be strong and healthy,” Frau says.

  She is very excited and faithful about the future.

  “I am conflicted, I mean I know intellectually I’m walking out and not coming back, but I know I’m also walking into something new,” she says.


Robin Mitchell, known as Frau, is retiring after 30 years of teaching, 24 being at Heritage. She will miss all of her students and peers, but is excited for what is to come.

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Symphonic Band Goes to State

The symphonic band, headed by Mr. Cuthrell has earned enormous success in the 2017/2018 season. On Monday, April 16, they performed at the state competition. After an outstanding performance, they received an “excellence” rating.

   Prior to the state competition Mr. Cuthrell reflected on the band’s successful season and his thoughts heading into the competition.

“ While this is a very exciting step for our program, we work diligently to stay humble and realize that we are still building to bring our program to the level of where I think Heritage could someday reach in regards to numbers and quality….They have already won in my mind and I couldn’t be more proud”.
Only 30 bands in the entire state of Colorado are able to qualify for the state competition, so while it is a huge honor, junior Ellie Fajer says that it is a reflection of the hard work that has been put in.

“I spend a lot of early mornings and late nights practicing trumpet, so I feel like this has really been worth it”, says Fajer “19.

While the bands do not earn specific placements amongst the other bands, they do receive ratings based on their performance. The symphonic band soared above anyone’s expectations by qualifying for state and then receiving an “excellence” rating.

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Hockey finishes strong

A Heritage hockey player takes a shot and scores during a varsity game. Moments like these have made the team a powerful force this season.

A Heritage hockey player takes a shot and scores during a varsity game. Moments like these have made the team a powerful force this season.

The Heritage varsity hockey team is having a successful run this season so far with their recent 3-1 win over Resurrection Christian, their 6-1 win over Pine Creek and their 2-2 tie with Aspen. However, they lost to Vail 8-9 but they will work to get better. The team started off with ice strength and conditioning camps which ran four days a week this past June.

“We do a number of skills camps in June and July. We offer skills based camps like checking, scoring and puck protection. We have a lot going on in the summer. We also compete in the Colorado Prep Hockey League in Sept and Oct. We look at Heritage Hockey as a three season program,” states Jeremy Sims, head Varsity Hockey Coach for Heritage High School.

The varsity hockey team also does a number of team bonding activities because a connection between the teammates is important for communication and unity in the team.

“In August, we offer the two-week Heritage Hockey Academy and then a one-week Leadership Camp. In the early fall, we will also do a weekend trip to the mountains,” states Sims.

The passion within the team and teammates has to be strong in order to have enough motivation and grit to play in varsity hockey.

“I feel it is two parts: a love of hockey and a love of the school and community. Hockey is a very passionate sport and to play it at a high level you have play on the edge. The change is now they get to play for their school, wear the school colors and play in front of other kids they go to school with. There is a great deal of pride that goes with playing for Heritage High School and the Littleton Public School District,” states Sims.

Students new to the Heritage hockey team have formed bonds since they started. The Heritage team also includes students from Littleton, Arapahoe, and Options.

“I have made many friends from every school. I have played hockey for about 8 years and wanted to continue to play representing the high school. Also, I wanted to meet more people at Heritage,” states right wing Joe Carpinello ’20.

Overall, the Heritage hockey team works hard to play at their highest ability and is currently working on getting better to win more games for the school.

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