Leadership class has its ‘game on’

The Leadership class at Heritage has many responsibilities throughout the school year. Winter Spirit Week is one of the larger events that the class organizes.

The class has been brainstorming and coordinating the events of Winter Spirit Week and the assembly since the last week of December. To get ideas rolling, the students of the Leadership class make Power Points and present to the class to discuss what the best theme for the week would be. This year, they landed on the theme, “Game On.”

The planning includes class divisions, pep assembly events and dress up days.

“This year, I was in charge of planning the fourth event for the assembly. It was important for me to try something new that went along with the theme,” says Alissa Lombardi ’18.

The fourth event was a rendition of the game, “Heads Up,” and it forced the classes to come together and hum songs for their teammates to guess what song. For example, the Junior class had to hum the words to “Wrecking Ball,” by Miley Cyrus while the freshmen tried to guess what they were humming.

Other aspects of the week were carefully planned and the Leadership class worked hard to iron out the wrinkles that came with it.

The senior class representatives were sent to the jail after they lost the relay race to the juniors. The seniors won the assembly as a whole.

The senior class representatives were sent to the jail after they lost the relay race to the juniors. The seniors won the assembly as a whole.

“We are still learning the best way to write the class song and are excited to take more people’s ideas and make our songs better each year. Its challenging to try to satisfy all groups of people, which is our ultimate goal,” explains Junior Class President Caitlin Hearty.

Leadership has other responsibilities as well. For example, the junior class is in charge of planning prom, and they have the President, Caitlin Hearty, and the Vice President, Maile Conant, to head the planning.

“Caitlin and I both run the advisory for Student Government and we are  overseeing all of prom right now. We also communicate with Mrs. Brethauer. It doesn’t mean that [we] do more work than anyone else; it just means we are in the leadership role,” says Maile Conant ’18.

Conant and Hearty work together to get the job accomplished.  

“For the next couple of months the Leadership class will focus on putting on a variety of conferences, experimenting with a new style of leadership and implementing some beneficial changes… and getting ready for the start of next year,” says Hearty.

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Girls’ swim and dive team dominates at state

The girls’ swim team had a successful state meet, finishing fourth overall after their first season in the 4A classification. Twenty girls―eighteen swimmers and two divers―qualified for this year’s meet.

“My team and I performed really well and we supported each other the whole weekend. I feel like this season was awesome. We all achieved many goals and we grew as a team,” says Kylie Andrews ’18.

Andrews finished first in both of her individual events, the 100 free and the 100 back. She dominated in her relays as well. The 200 medley relay team, which consists of Andrews, Lizzie Hunt ’17, Marissa Kiefer ’18 and captain Emma Spotts ’17 swam an Automatic All-American time, which makes them one of the top-100 relays in the country.

“I think we had a great season. All of the girls dropped time at some point and we really became a family. It was so much fun,” says Spotts.

Spotts placed 3rd in the 100 breast and 6th in the 50 free with best times. Each relay the team competed in placed within the top three. Other notable finishes include Katherine Harston ’17 with 4th in the 200 free and 5th in the 100 fly, CJ Mitchell ’18 with 9th place in the 500 free and 11th in the 200 free, and Lizzie Hunt with 11th place in the 100 back and 15th in 100 fly.

The girls who aren’t graduating look forward to next season and hope for an even more impressive performance at next year’s state championship.

The Heritage girls had strong performances in many different events.

The Heritage girls finished fourth overall at the state meet on February 10 and 11.

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Executive Orders impact the nation

A protest happens Downtown to show the people's will while Trump enacts executive orders.

A protest happens Downtown Denver to show the people’s opinions regarding Trump’s executive orders.

Throughout the past five years, there has been a controversial topic surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone XL Pipeline, due to the fact it is set to go across Native American lands. The Keystone XL Pipeline is a trade route for oil from Canada.

“I believe that going ahead with the Keystone Pipeline was the right move.  It was done painstakingly slowly, with every possible court battle and permit, and then Obama said no.  We have thousands of miles of pipelines crisscrossing this country, and the ‘safety’ of this one was a feeble excuse.  Canada is our number one trading partner, and this was a slap in their face as well as to the thousands of workers we are supposed to be helping maintain ‘middle class’ status,” says Mr. Jay Grenawalt, Social Studies teacher.

President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order to clear the way for these two pipelines.

During former President Barack Obama’s term, he signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP) which was a trade deal that included 12 different nations along the Pacific Ocean. Throughout Trump’s campaign, he kept promising to pull away from the TPP.

“I believe that it was important for the US to be a part, strategically as well as economically.  China is a huge presence in the Pacific, and most of the members of the proposed partnership needed US assurances that we would stand against China as China flexes its muscles so frequently in that part of the world.  Perhaps Trump can work out bilateral agreements with the nations involved,” says Grenawalt.

On Monday, January 23, 2017, Trump made good on his promise and pulled out of the TPP. This action follows one of his major promises he echoed along the campaign trail.

“Trump has very little concern for the environment or any nation besides the U.S., but he is making rational decisions for America’s economic welfare,” Says Darian Lane ’18.

The effect of these actions on the American people is that it shows that President Trump is going to keep the promises he made along the campaign trail. If this pattern continues this country will face an eventful four years that will have many changes.


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LINK warms hearts


The hearts covered the entire school. Every person that was in the school, including shadows, had their name on a heart.

  As Valentine’s Day has come and gone again, it has become a tradition to see over one thousand hearts hung up around the school as fun for everyone to go around a look for the one heart with their name on it, but what is the real reason behind the hearts?

“We do this to create community to make sure everybody feels included because we do so many things by class and activities, and it’s one of the great things we do to make sure we’re all included,” says Ms. Rickard, LINK sponsor.

The LINK crew is responsible for making and hanging up all of the hearts. LINK leaders work during their advisory time to make sure every student and teacher in the building had their name on a heart, even for the shadows that visited the school the Thursday after Valentine’s Day.

“The hearts help give kids who might have been missed get recognized and gives everybody a sense that they belong. I love when kids come to class and they’ve got their heart and they’re wearing it and sometimes it’s the quiet kids that have it on and we know we’ve made a difference in somebody’s day,” says Rickard.   

Each heart has meaning for at least one person in the school and it is important that everyone is represented on this day. Even if the hearts are just there to make someone laugh with friends as they find each other’s names rather than being something more personal and meaningful, they are still brightening someone’s day.

“It means a lot that I can help everyone feel special on the holiday and that I could give back and make someone’s day,” says Katherine Harston, LINK commissioner.

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Seniors experience Life 101

Attach8248_20170220_184129Life 101 is a senior seminar set up in the second semester to give seniors the chance to talk about the changes that are coming.

“I decided to be a student leader for Life 101 because I think it’s an amazing opportunity to share with other seniors about events we all are going through. I think of it less like a leadership position and more like a mouth piece; I hope I am able to learn from others and share what I learn,” says Theresa Centola ’17.

The first seminar was on February 15, which was used as an ice breaker and discussions on happiness and using our time in this world wisely.

“I learned that our happiness is super important and we should strive to make our life a priority and to do things for ourselves,” says Sophia Brooks ’17.

Life 101 is a safe place to speak one’s mind, listen to peers strengthen and make relationships, as well as be supported.

“I will absolutely go again. It was such an awesome experience and it was so worth it,” says Brooks.

The next Life 101 meeting is March 1 in the Library from 6-8.

“Seniors should go to Life 101 because…why not? They should take a little risk for potential great reward. If they don’t like it, there’s no pressure to come back, but Life 101 is unlike any experience or club you can be involved in at Heritage. It’s an amazing environment full of open minds and kind hearts,” says Centola.






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