Monday, December 12th, 2016


Troupe 3759 competes at ThesCon

Over the weekend of December 1-3, Thespian Troupe 3759 travelled to the Colorado Thespian Conference to compete and learn about all things theatre.

Heritage thespians travel downtown

On December 1 through December 3, Heritage’s own Thespian troupe #3759 traveled to the Convention Center in Downtown Denver for this year’s Thespian Conference (ThesCon), as they do every year. However, though students who have never had a part in the theater may have heard about ThesCon. they might not have any idea what it really is.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis through the eyes of Heritage Students


Eleven million Syrian Refugees have sought asylum from their war-torn country that has been marred by a six-year civil war that broke out in March 2011 according to The sheer number of Syrian refugees flooding into Europe has been the biggest human migration of modern times.

Students prepare for the holiday season

Heritage students have many unique ways to celebrate the holidays. As winter break nears, students eagerly await their holiday traditions, from latkes to egg wreaths.