Canned food drive changes for the better

December 21, 2016 Sydney Giesen 0

As Thanksgiving has come and gone this year, there’s lot of people that still have leftover food from the holiday stuck in our fridge. However, there are also some who barely had any food to eat on Thanksgiving. This is why Heritage ran a canned food drive from October 24 through November 4 in hopes of collecting enough food to feed families at Field Elementary.

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Basketball goes to Reno

December 21, 2016 Sydney Larson 0

The boys and girls basketball teams of Heritage High School traveled to Reno, Nevada to compete with other high schools around the country. The girls had an extremely successful time and have a hopeful outlook for the season.

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Teachers Promote Body Positivity

December 21, 2016 Paige DelMargo 0

“We ‘value’ ourselves through what we see. We compare ourselves with those who are perceived as beautiful.” Says Ms. Solís, an admired teacher in the high school community. Teenagers in high school are extremely susceptible to society’s expectations. Having confidence in oneself can be difficult to find for some teens. Role models that promote self love within the high school community are important to leading teens down the path to body positivity.

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Desserts freeze at -321 degrees Fahrenheit

December 21, 2016 Laura Bianchi 0

Liquid nitrogen. A staple in the realm of science. But now, it is becoming a staple in the world of food science. Denver now has a local dessert shop that incorporates liquid nitrogen into their dishes in front of your eyes. Recently, teenagers around the country have been infatuated by the idea of these treats that steam from the mouth. A few people at Heritage have visited the Inventing Room recently.

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McClurg invited to play in Blue-Grey All American Bowl

December 21, 2016 Ajay Davis 0

As the high school football season has come to a close, the Blue-Grey Football organization has formed its rosters for its annual All American Bowls. The organization is a brand established to help high school football players get national exposure and increase their chances of receiving scholarships to colleges all across the country, as well as allowing them to compete with the other highly skilled high school prospects.

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Government spending appalls

December 18, 2016 Paige DelMargo 0

As a teenager who has grown up in a blue collar home the least I ask of my government is they spend my family’s tax money responsibly. It is frustrating and painful to watch a country who claims to be strong and built off of the working man have such disregard for those very people who need them most.

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Concert Band Marches Into the Holidays

December 18, 2016 Abby Hanson 0

Concert band practices Monday, Wednesday, Friday all year long and students are expected to practice outside of class as well. This huge effort culminates in a concert designed to bring the school community and families together during the holidays over their passion for music.

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