November, 2016


Challenger takes flight at Heritage

The Challenger Eagle visited Heritage on Tuesday, October 11. The presentation demonstrated the importance of charity to students in a unique way.

Social media usage spreads through Heritage

A recent poll of Heritage students shows how social media has become a major part of many high schoolers’ lives and has impacted the way people communicate, spread ideas and share news.

Schrader assists HHS

This year, Ms. Jill Schrader stand as a new assistant principal here at Heritage and is excited about all the new opportunities it provides.

“Speak for the Silent, Stand for the Broken” Mike Smith A Reminder and Plan for Action

Mike Smith visited Heritage early this year and captured the Heritage audience with his unique story and take on life.

Mike Smith leaves a lasting legacy

Mike Smith’s impact is still felt at Heritage High School even a number of weeks after he visited. In advisory, students are reminded of his message as they watch his videos and complete mini-lessons.

“Revolution Radio” Rocks the Music World

Nostalgia, hard-hitting lyrics and a classic punk-rock rage fuel Green Day’s newest album Revolution Radio to new, yet oddly familiar heights.