Exchange students travel to Heritage

Exchange students come to Heritage. They are eager to learn and adapt to the American Education system and culture.

Exchange students come to Heritage. They are eager to learn and adapt to the American Education system and culture.

Every year exchange students travel across the world to attend Heritage High School.

This year Cecilia Finelli ’18 traveled from Italy to Heritage in search of a new adventure.

“I personally think that Heritage is a great place where you can learn things and have fun. I like that a student can choose [their] subjects,” says Finelli.

Cecilia Finelli also talks about her love for Colorado, though she thinks it’s too cold for an Italian.

“I love the Rocky Mountains, they remind me about the Alps, where I go skiing. I’ve also been to Denver and I think that it’s marvelous because it’s big but not that chaotic,” says Finelli.

Finelli will be here at Heritage all year and she has high hopes that it will be a great year full of new opportunities.

“I hope to have fun, to see as much as I can about your society and your lifestyle as teenagers. I hope to improve my language and become more independent from my family,” says Finelli.

So far, Finelli has been off to a good start and Heritage has been a welcoming community for her.

Also, Seohyeon Park ’18 has traveled from South Korea in search of new experiences. One of Seohyeon’s favorite parts about Heritage so far is the football games because they don’t have things like that for high schoolers to attend in Korea. Korea is different from Colorado in many ways.

“I like Colorado’s landscape. We can see beautiful mountains here,” Park says.

Park is eager to experience new things in her time at Heritage.

“I want to be more independent and get courage through experiencing various activities and doing new challenges. I also want to meet many people [and] friends here,” says Park.

Lastly, Kiko Diaz-Andreu ’19 has come to Heritage from Spain. Kiko is interested in basketball at heritage.

“I like how if you play a sport, you have a place to do it,” says Diaz-Andreu.

Kiko is also experiencing new things in Colorado. For example, he enjoys the activities Denver has to offer.

“I went to the Taste of Colorado and I love food. I loved it there,” says Diaz-Andreu.

Kiko is here in Colorado for nine months, and he hopes to get the most out of his experience.

“I want to leave here with a lot of new friends and new culture and to have contacts here,” says Diaz-Andreu.

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1 to 1 Technology Arrives at Heritage

Heritage High school has recently started a one to one technology program. Middle schools in LPS have already started this one to one program, so why is Heritage just now getting into it?

“There is a want and a need [at Heritage],” says Mr. Nathan Ubowski, Instructional Technology Specialist.

All the middle school’s in the LPS district  have started this one to one technology program. The freshman this year have skills with the one to one program that they weren’t going to use going into highschool, Mr. Ubowski thought that didn’t sound right. High schools should be involving technologically, just as fast as junior high, so the one to one program came to Heritage. The feedback that Heritage heard from adults and students was outstanding.

“Parents, teachers and students, supported and found great success with the chromebooks at the junior high level last year,” says Ubowski.

Throughout Heritage, kids have the ability to take out their chromebooks and be productive with their off time. Getting homework done during school, frees up sometime after school. Home computers are a big demand when it comes to homework, so students who have their own computers don’t need to have shared time with their siblings.

“Parents found, it was freeing up time at home for other students to use the home computers,” says Ubowski.

Now at the Junior high level and the freshman class are use to having this kind of technology at their fingertips. What do the high school students who are just now experiencing the one to one technology, think of it?

“I feel like it has disconnected us from our teachers, it’s not a way that I like to learn,” says Sophie Lutz ‘18.

Mixed reviews have come from the student body, but with time the pros will outweigh the cons. Less paper means the school is going more green, teachers and students don’t have to carry as many papers around, but there is no doubt that paper will still be used. Some students let their computers disconnect them from the students and the teachers that surround them.


Students work to finish their assignment in English. They have the option to get a Chromebook or use their own computer.

There is no doubt that teachers and students will be getting used to having the one to one program around. The power of technology is now officially at Heritage.

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Frank Ocean delivers with long-awaited sophomore album


The official Boys Don’t cry magazine, sold at pop-up shops around the world as a companion to the album. The magazine features poems and verses from artists who worked on Ocean’s album as well as numerous exclusive photographs.

For four years, musical icon Frank Ocean has kept fans waiting and waiting for the release of his sophomore album, and on August 20, he finally delivered with a twelve track full length LP entitled Blonde.

With an incredible list of producers and contributors such as Kanye West, James Blake, Beyonce and David Bowie, this album has been well worth the wait for many fans of Ocean.

Ocean’s return was not just marked by the album Blonde, as he also released a visual album called Endless just a few days earlier. The release of Endless shows a new way for artist’s audience to experience the music put out by their favorite artists, while also demonstrating how Frank Ocean is at the crest of this new wave of music release techniques.

Endless was one of the first of its kind, and its abstract visual elements combined with Ocean’s sound created an unparalleled experience for listeners of Frank Ocean.

An unusual aspect of Ocean’s album is the fact that he has not one guest feature, yet fans do not seem to mind, as his album has soared to the top of the charts at light speed, something that is incredibly hard for an artist to do with no features on a full length LP.

The response to both Blonde and Endless has been overwhelmingly positive, and superstar artists who are at the top of the music industry right now, such as Adele and Kanye West, have voiced their love and admiration for both Frank Ocean’s lyrical ability and musical ability, only echoing the noise that his album sales have made thus far.
On top of that, According to the Billboard 200, only two albums in 2016 have made stronger debuts than Blonde, those being Views by Drake, and Lemonade by Beyonce. Ocean’s album debuted with 276,000 albums sold, and for an album that was delayed repeatedly over a four year period, the sales perfectly reflect the hype surrounding the album’s long awaited release.

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Homecoming Week rocks Heritage High School

Going into the assembly, the spirit point tallies show the stiff competition each class is up against.

Going into the assembly, the spirit point tallies show the stiff competition each class is up against.

After a week of dress-up days, football games, carnival booths, class cheers and–of course–ceiling-shaking screams, the halls of Heritage are starting to quiet down as the “Rock of the Ages” Homecoming Week comes to a close.

Although there’s no shortage of activities for students during the week, one event in particular remains the student favorite: the infamous pep assembly that wraps up the week’s “Battle of the Classes.”

“By far my favorite thing about Homecoming Week is the pep assembly! Although the competition is tough, win or lose everyone always has a blast,” says Magi Sterling ’17.

This year’s assembly featured an obstacle race, a minute-to-win-it challenge, a relay race, the class dance-off and new a “Pitch Perfect”-inspired riff-off on top of the classic class cheer competition, as well as performances by both Belle Boys, Cheer Boys and Heritage’s very own rock-star Cody Templeman  ’17.

“So many people who are involved in so many different things get recognized for doing what they love… It’s amazing how the whole school is so united during the day,” comments Sterling.

Even with that unity, there’s no shortage of competition. In the end, seniors won the upperclassman competition along with sophomores, who took home the underclassman victory.

“I love all the events we do at the assembly because they show not only the competition between the classes, but also all of our unity. The competition gets everybody going, and it’s great, but the best part is seeing how it brings us all together,” says Drew Gillespie ’17.

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Homework for Everyone

Recent controversy over whether students should have homework has been sparked with the release of a letter from a second grade teacher to her students’ parents. This letter states that the students will not have any assigned homework during the year and will only have to do what they didn’t finish in class.
The purpose of this letter is for students to spend time doing things that relate to their success. Examples include eating dinner as a family, playing together, reading together and going to bed early enough to get plenty of sleep. Homework has caused the a reduction of time for activities such as those listed for all types of students, elementary to high school.
I agree with this letter for younger students. Young kids shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time doing homework when they could be building bonds with family and friends. Kids should have time to play, read and do something that makes them happy and build success in their social and academic lives.
In middle school, the homework issue becomes slightly more complicated. Having loads of extra homework is not helpful because it can reduce play time, take away from family and friend time or even sleep all which are important to the development and growth of our youth. In another way, homework can be seen as helpful to prepare for high school, gain reading skills outside of class, and also gain study skills through reading and practice.
For high school, it is also hard to say there could be no homework. Most of the time, homework is stuff that cannot be done during class due to the small amount of time, such as reading a book or textbook, practicing skills or even learning certain topics. There are some cases where homework is just busy-work, but it is still good to have that practice in a quicker paced class.
Homework has been taking up the time of many students, and the recent news with this letter has only brought more worries about it. It is easy to take away for younger students, but as school work becomes more difficult, it is harder to say there can be no homework.

This is the letter that the second-grade teacher sent out to her student’s parents, which has now been posted all over Facebook, CNN and many other news websites.

This is the letter that the second-grade teacher sent out to her students’ parents, which has now been posted all over Facebook, CNN and many other news websites.

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Heritage theatre season announcement

rumorsJust walk into the greenroom and anyone could sense the excitement and curiosity buzzing through the theatre before the two main stage productions were announced on August 24.

“Both selections sound amazing,” says Amelia Buchmeier ’17. “I definitely think we have the talent to pull them off.”

The fall play, that will be performed October 27, 28 and 29, is entitled Rumors by Neil Simon.

Rumors is a fantastic show that is going to be hilarious and make a ton of people laugh,” says Katie Hart ’18.

While the winter musical, to be performed in the beginning of March, is going to be The Addams Family.

[The Addams Family] is spectacular and it will be a ton of fun to put on,” says Hart.

While actors are needed for both productions all of the tech crews need people to sign up as well.

“I’m super excited to build the sets for both shows,” says Buchmeier.

Anyone can sign up to help with construction, costumes and publicity crews before the shows or lights, sound, hair and make-up, house or running crews during the duration of the productions.

“The theatre is one big family and I can’t wait to work and build more relationships with all of it’s crazy members,” says Hart.

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