Students sing at Heritage Idol

Heritage Idol premiered on the 27th of April featuring several students who competed against each other to win the title of Heritage Idol.

The final winner Kelsey Harry ’18 won after singing “Stand By You” by Rachel Platten.

Mr. Andrew Fischer wanted to do Heritage Idol for a few years and introduced the idea of having the competition to Mr. Kevin Keena and Mrs. Jennifer Gustafson, who were both judges for the show. All three teachers have experience with singing outside of school and offered constructional criticism and praise to students after they sang.

“When Mr. Fischer first talked to me about Heritage Idol I was interested instantly,” says Keena, “as long as I get to be Simon.”

Heritage Idol is the perfect opportunity for aspiring vocalists to show off in front of an audience, and the audience, however small, was extremely supportive to the students who did choose to sing.

“I will be looking for preparation final, diction, good tone quality, and stage presence. I’m looking for someone who can present themselves as a pop star,”  says Fischer.

Because Harry won the competition she will be receiving time to record at a professional recording studio to better develop her sound as an individual artist.

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