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College Admission Fees Deter Students

May 19, 2016 Abby Hanson 0

At this point in the year, most schools have sent out their acceptance and rejection letters, and seniors have solidified their plans. Many selective colleges report another record year for applications according to This can only mean that they rejected more students. But not before collecting their application fees.

Rosales takes flight

May 12, 2016 catherine turner 0

Despite how some students may feel about university life, it’s relatively safe to say that there will be room for most Heritage graduates to make mistakes next year. However, for senior Julio Rosales the stakes are much higher.

Despite being awarded the prestigious Daniel’s Fund Scholarship and having the opportunity to attend most any college he desired, Julio decided instead to enroll in the United State Air Force Academy Preparatory School.

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Reuter Pursues Possible Priesthood

May 12, 2016 Parker Malkoc 0

This coming school year, Erik Reuter ’16 will be taking a gap year and living in Spain. But unlike other students taking time off, Reuter is taking this time to make a huge decision, whether or not to join the priesthood.

Comic Sans: Our greatest fight

May 12, 2016 catherine turner 0

They didn’t know what they had done. How could they have? Developing a simple, whimsical font for comic-book-style speech bubbles in 1994 must have seemed the most benign thing in the world to a few Microsoft employees. But unbeknownst to those tragic figures, their fateful actions would soon evolve into the most unspeakable mistake of our modern times.

Students speak on Safe2Tell

May 12, 2016 Katie Marshall 0

A student hotline is gaining attention from not only teens, but parents and administration. Safe2Tell was introduced as a tip-line usable by any student at Heritage.

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New Times, New Curiculum

May 11, 2016 Brooklyn Walker 0

English classes use many types of literature to express history and themes to students. Predominantly, teachers promote books that are either classics, books with inequality or both.

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Alpine Club Elevates MAD Week

May 11, 2016 Annie DeGrood 0

During MAD Week, a tremendous amount of effort goes into raising money for the student selected cause. Whether it be a volleyball tournament, a raffle or a head shaving fundraiser, there are always multiple ways that students can help support MAD Week. On the weekend of May 7, there was another event to help raise money: the Alpine Club sponsored MAD Week hike.

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