Choir entertains in spring

Choir has had a performance every year for the student body of Heritage, but this year things are changing for the choir class. New music and themes are being introduced.

“This concert is more exciting than last year, there are many changes that have been made, such as the group dance. All the choirs are joining together to do this. There are also different types of songs in each choir and the way specific choir groups are performing their songs is different,” says Vlanca Jeannoutot ’16, choir member.

This year has changed more than just the music and the way it will be performed, but the theme of each song is new and different.

“The theme of this concert is heroes and there is a large variety of styles of songs. Because many people view a hero differently there are several different interpretations of what a hero might be. Some Disney songs are more obviously about a hero, some are love songs, and some are religious songs to represent all the different views of how a hero may be portrayed,” says Jeannoutot.

Music is the perfect way to express feelings and emotions. These emotions can be expressed in multiple different ways. Music can be a stress reliever and way to just relax.

“Singing is my passion so that would be the most obvious reason that I enjoy choir, but other than that my favorite part is Mr. Fischer, he’s such an amazing teacher. He is an amazing person to be around and trust in,” says Jeannoutot.

Mr. Andrew Fischer says, “The choir group is amazing because the music they sing is so big and epic.”

Singing music that is so “epic” could change a student’s life immensely, even bringing career options into their future.

“Choir has changed the way I deal with other people and also brought so many new and amazing friends into my life. I’ve learned that everyone has different ways of representing themselves and handling situations and that those differences must be respected,” says Jeannoutot.

Mr. Fischer says, “I think this concert will be great. It will be filled with energy.”
The Choir concert is on Wednesday, March 16 at 6:30 in the Heritage High School Theatre.

choir concert done

The Choir Group preforms together at the last concert. This concert was the winter show.

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Heritage students review binge worthy television

Cartoon binge watcin gParks and Recreation “Because the characters in ‘Parks and Recreation’ are so well developed, the show won’t slam you over the head with comedy. It’s not like ‘My Name Is Earl’, the show’s funny, but in a real way that plays into the dynamics of the characters,” Rachel Schwabauer ’17

Orange Is the New Black: “This show is comparable to ‘Breaking Bad’ because it contains a lot of dark humor, however the plot is fresh and original. The lead character is tragically flawed but I can’t help but continue watching her,” says Courtney Romero ’17

Criminal Minds: “This show is extremely griping because the acting is very realistic and it delves into criminal psychology. It is honestly pretty scary and thrilling, making it fun to watch,” says Pamela Gigiento ’17

Gossip Girl: “Deep down ‘Gossip Girl’ is not just a guilty pleasure kind of chick flick. Its characters are really developed and complex. Even though sometimes it can be exaggerated it’s quite realistic because it never forgets to put some feelings to the episodes. You never feel like the characters are boring nor superficial. They are interesting , perfect on the outside and really complex on the inside,” says Gabrielle Espinosa ’17.

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