Thursday, March 17th, 2016


Beasley graduates early to explore passions

Julia Beasley ’16 may just be a teenager, but she’s already established herself in the world of politics and human rights.

Beasley is one of just a few seniors who graduated in December rather than May. But instead of spending her second semester relaxing at home, she has done anything but that.

Zoolander 2: Reviewed

Ben Stiller as Zoolander's signature look "magnum" is so powerful it can stop an object in midair. Most will say there is no difference between it and the "blue steel" look, but there are very subtle differences.

While Disney’s “Zootopia” took audiences and critics by storm this weekend of March 6, a different zoo movie caught my eye: “Zoolander 2.”

Because the original “Zoolander” came out in 2001, its sequel became part of that group of movies that are getting follow ups way past their time, like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” That sequel will come out March 25, 2016.

Denton shares Appalachian journey


On Friday, February 12, Heritage staff member Andra Denton shared the story of her journey hiking the Appalachian Trial to 10 honors English classes to tie in with their curriculum for “Into the Wild”.

Individuality strikes Heritage

Individuality is expressed throughout Heritage. Whether it is jeans, yoga pants, designer clothes or pajamas, each student’s creativity is voiced by what is worn.