Anime Club helps students relax

March 30, 2016 Garett Eckrich 0

Anime Club is a club like no other. In Anime Club all the members are like one giant family making their own family tree that dates back to when Anime Club first began at Heritage in 2012.

Segura attempts the impossible, again

March 18, 2016 Reese Leiker 0

With the NCAA basketball season approaching the home stretch, the most electric 18 days in sports rears its head once again. March Madness 2016 is soon to be upon us and teams must take advantage of the remaining regular season to secure their hopes of being one of the 64 teams at a shot at the national title.

Speech and Debate progresses through State Qualifiers

March 18, 2016 Brendan Allen 0

On Saturday, March 5, the Heritage Speech and Debate team competed in State Qualifiers, and it ultimately proved to be one of the more formative competitions in Heritage Speech and Debate history. “It was an awesome experience and it was one of our most successful tournaments that Heritage has had,” says Tori Mudd ’16.

Independent Study Can Offering Extensive Learning

March 18, 2016 Miranda Kemme 0

As someone who has taken every art class available, Independent Studies are a great option to further your interest in something that you enjoy. Whether it is English, art, or physical education, students are able to go beyond the curriculum offered at Heritage High School.

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Tammen cheers for Kansas

March 18, 2016 Eva Doherty 0

Due to his passion for tumbling, Mr. Kyle Tammen, now a Spanish teacher, was encouraged by his parents to do gymnastics when he was in the sixth grade. His passion led him to success, and later to competitive cheerleading in college.

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Beasley graduates early to explore passions

March 17, 2016 Josh Merchant 0

Julia Beasley ’16 may just be a teenager, but she’s already established herself in the world of politics and human rights.

Beasley is one of just a few seniors who graduated in December rather than May. But instead of spending her second semester relaxing at home, she has done anything but that.

Zoolander 2: Reviewed

March 17, 2016 Parker Malkoc 0

While Disney’s “Zootopia” took audiences and critics by storm this weekend of March 6, a different zoo movie caught my eye: “Zoolander 2.”

Because the original “Zoolander” came out in 2001, its sequel became part of that group of movies that are getting follow ups way past their time, like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” That sequel will come out March 25, 2016.

Denton shares Appalachian journey

March 17, 2016 Kenneth Fagan 0

On Friday, February 12, Heritage staff member Andra Denton shared the story of her journey hiking the Appalachian Trial to 10 honors English classes to tie in with their curriculum for “Into the Wild”.

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