February, 2016


Artist of the Month

aom online KW pic

Art has always been a part of Haley Brown’s life, ever since she was in the third grade she had a passion. She said that her teacher had them drawing something different every week and this is when she began to love art.

Heritage Idol hits the stage


This year Heritage will be holding its very first three week singing competition: Heritage Idol.

Botany grows

This year the Heritage botany programs have experienced some major changes. The club has a new sponsor and new members, and the class a new teacher.

Ahles rides with confidence

Since she was young, Gabi Ahles ’18 had always been afraid of horses. However, that all changed when she became involved with Westernaires.

Billeisen comes back to art

In this semester, Mr. Billeisen will begin teaching classes in the art department to help with the increasing load of students seeking to take art.

Belles bring in the New Year in London

Bringing in the New Year, Eva Chaffin ’16, Madyson Marcolina ’16 and Kelsie Hanneman ’17 traveled 4,683 miles for five days to dance in the London’s New Year’s Day Parade this year.

Heritage administration adapts to trans students’ needs

In 2015, people who identify as transgender have been gaining media awareness and public policy is beginning to accommodate these people.

So what’s Heritage High School doing now to accommodate trans students?