Billeisen strives for late bus


FullSizeRender (4)In an effort to reach out to all students, Mr. Wade Billeisen, intervention specialist, is in the process of trying to get a bus to run once the after school activities are done.

Freshmen and sophomores (the general group of students who can’t drive, yet) were surveyed during their advisories to find out how many students would use the late bus. The preliminary number of students who have said they would take this bus was 25%.

“I would love to take a late bus because there is definitely activities I’ve had to skip because I couldn’t get a ride home because my parents had to work,” says Cameron Berry ’18.

There is no official plan to get a bus to run later, however Billeisen is trying to reach out to more students, specifically those who are not able to participate in activities after school because there is no way for them to get home later. Student Government and LINK are having conversations with the underclassmen in advisory in attempts to get them to be more involved with the school. However, these efforts won’t help if students have no way of getting home.

“Heritage is trying very hard to include all students and make it welcoming. We look at all the needs of the student population. Students who are more involved in the school have been statistically proven to do better in classes,” says Billeisen.

Billeisen hopes that if the late bus gets approved, he could do a one-month trial this semester to go into next year. And if possible, next year the bus could run two to three times a week at about 3:30 so that students have the opportunity to get more involved in school clubs.

“I think the idea is still up in the air; I still have to work through the district to see if this is an option and we have to make sure buses are available. From my understanding, middle schools all have late buses so this would be the first time for high schoolers to get this,” says Billeisen.

Though plans are not official yet, if you are a student who would be interested in taking a late bus after clubs and activities, an online survey has been sent out to parents to complete in attempts to get a bus to run later.

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