Heritage teens speak out at Tattered Cover

 On January 13, Cameron Berry ’18 and Gabi Ahles ’18 from Heritage, along with two students each from Littleton and Arapahoe participated on a teen panel at the Tattered Cover for the release of a new novel.

With the release of her new book, Life at the Speed of Us, Heather Sappenfield has put together a panel of teens to answer questions about what it means to be a teen in today’s world. Sappenfield’s book is a fictional account about a young girl dealing with the death of her mother.
Berry and Ahles both responded to questions ranging from “How are adults different from you” to “Do you feel YA literature accurately portrays teens?”

“It was really fun. At first it was awkward because I wasn’t sure what how I was supposed to be sitting and if I was looking weird, but then it got easier as I got talking because I realised everyone is just saying whatever is coming to their heads and it felt more natural and then I could just talk,” says Berry.

“It was cool, I felt like I was a part of one of the cast panels at Comic Con,” says Ahles. “I liked that I got to share my opinions, because you don’t get that opportunity very much as a teenager.”

The two were selected by Mrs. Allison Smith, English teacher and adviser, to participate in the panel.

“My favorite part was getting to listen to the other teens’ opinions on life because we often don’t talk to other teens on a deeper level,” says Berry.

Berry is also a part of the Tattered Cover’s Teen Board, where she and eight other teens discuss what will make the Tattered Cover more hospitable to teens.


The six teens from the three LPS high schools answer questions on the student panel.


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