December, 2015


Heritage dancers dedicate time to their art

Eight dedicated Heritage dancers are part of the Littleton Dance Academy and have performed in a Nutcracker production this December at The Theater at Colorado Heights University.

Heritage recognized with scholarships

Every year in the midst of the college application frenzy, comes the equally intensive process of applying for scholarships.

Last year, $8.4 million overall, was offered to the Heritage Class of 2015 according to Mrs. Joni Lieb, the Post Grad coordinator.

Heritage students slumber in their cars

It is common place to look over and see students desperately trying to grasp onto any shred of alertness they can muster up as they listen to a lecture so sometimes it is necessary to get some sleep wherever you can.

FCCLA cooks in The Breakfast Club

Starting at the beginning of first semester, Mr. Mark McKenna has been sponsoring The Breakfast Club to raise money for FCCLA.

Heritage expands

Over the past five years, Heritage High School has been growing. This year’s class of freshmen contains 429 people, over one hundred more students than last year’s graduated seniors, who numbered at only 328.

Heritage receiver soars above the competition

Of the many athletes attending Heritage, one continues to impress us with his competitive drive and determination to win.

Uniforms benefit students

My opinion that we should have school uniforms in school is an unpopular one, and yet when speaking with my cousin I cannot help but notice the beneficial impact that it has had on her education. She doesn’t need to worry about looking good for school, and isn’t distracted by the flashy outfits by her peers.

Controlled Conflict: A Look at Modern Pugilistic Sport

A documentary short on an amateur Muay Thai fighter who participates in pugilistic events in and around the Denver area. The film follows him on the eve of a fight and what he does to prepare. Edited and Directed by Michael Neave Music by Brian Harry and Chase Demos Camera Operators: Michael Neave and John Neave Director of Photography: Michael Neave Produced by Mace|Film. and Studio 204 Featuring: Dean Kokorus, Steven Le, and Juan Carlos Rodriguez Technical Aspects: 2015-Color-H.264-1080p-2.39:1 by

Durango opens for the season

Nestled in the southwestern corner of Colorado, Durango is a worthwhile and unique combination of both mountain town and college town. “Durango is a great time! It’s warm, usually, and far enough away from Denver to feel like a vacation, and close enough to Denver to make it a weekend getaway. There’s lots to do and see, tons of great food and a really nice atmosphere,” says Celeste Borg ’16.

Star Wars fever spreads


The power of the force is strong at Heritage as the new Star Wars episode seven, “The Force Awakens” is coming out to theaters on December 18, 2015. Students at Heritage are excited but somewhat considered about the film. The film has new characters, such as Finn and Rey the new heroes of the story. there is also a new design to the story, new weapons, and new vehicles. What student are most curious to know is who is and what is Darth Kylo Ren and what is his story and why did he create a new Empire called the First Order. A new villain and a new design for the Stormtroopers which some say it gives them a smooth look.


The movie is bringing back some of the old characters which students think is just wonderful. Luke Skywalker, Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C3po and R2-D2 are all back. Students are curious on how they aged over the years and they want to know what’s happening now in the Star Wars universe. In the trailer you see some old characters and vehicles that bring a buzz of

“I’m not a big Star Wars fan but it seems all I hear is Star Wars this and Star Wars that,” says  Miguel Sedillos ‘17.

“ I am excited for the new Star Wars to come out and if I could describe the trailer in one world it would be’ powerful” however some of the scenes in the thaler did not make any sense.” Says Jonathan Cheng’ 17.

Most of the students are some what in between that the movie will be good others say that it will bad and it won’t make any sense and will ruin the Star Wars trilogy. People around the world will just have to wait until the movie comes out and when that happens only then can fans and people around the world can decide if episode seven will bring back Star Wars to its great and glory or will it bring it down to the dark side.