December, 2015


Holiday shopping should be stopping

Tis’ the season once more kids, where we will all cozy up to our fall fireplaces, surrounded by loving family and friends, and discuss in excited murmurs what we dream of buying from the upcoming holiday sales.
Never mind sticking around after holiday meals to be with one another, we’ve got to go accumulate more material wealth!

Heritage Troupe 3759 results from ThesCon

Heritage Thespian Troupe 3759 had many students compete with individual events over the three days of the Thespian Conference in downtown Denver, these are the results from the competition.

Mac Lab begins construction

Planning to open in January of 2016, the mac lab at Heritage hopes to enhance the experience of learning for students and classes at Heritage. The lab will be open for everyone but was originally started for the second year AP seminar class, AP science research.

Under by $1 billion

Education, out of all things, may have taken the hardest blow from the struggling economy. And right here in Littleton a major deficit has formed out of the efforts exerted to save as much money as possible.

Lydia skates to success

While most people spend their time after school procrastinating, snacking, watching Netflix or perhaps doing homework, this is not the case for junior Lydia Waterman. Six days a week, for two hours and four hours during the summer, Waterman conditions and competes at the novice level for figure skating.< img src="" align="right" height="50%" width="50%">

Trump succeeds in polls due to terrorism

It seems a little ridiculous to many millennials in America that Donald Trump is not only running for president, but succeeding in polls so far.

Disney the True Message

As a child who grew up on Disney, I lived a constant fantasy of beautiful monsters, wicked villains, and dreaming princesses. Upon the realization of the horrors of Disney, I stood shocked. How could my role models growing up, have ulterior motives than being an adventurous story?  Looking back now, the beautiful princesses, like Barbie, portray impossible standards for a healthy woman to accomplish. Along with their waist being smaller than the distance between her large eyes they maintain a constant dependence on the world and people around them. MarriageRead More

The Optimist

All throughout the halls silence ensues

While children everywhere are singing the blues

Finals are upon us without a doubt

Students and teachers tend to pout

Extra credit is not given

Bleeding profusely, because our hearts are riven

Living with the acceptance that your F’s will not become D’s…

Anonymity blurs social norms at Heritage High School

With a cloak of anonymity social norms generally fade as people can not be held accountable for their words. This phenomena is easily observed in an app named After School which allows students to post comments and images on message boards associated with individual high school campuses.

Biased media polarizes stories

The past year has been dominated by an expanding war on terrorism. However, this war reached a new scale on November 13, 2015 with an attack on Paris, France.