November, 2015


DIY: Sweet, Sentimental Scrapbook

Looking for a unique and personalized gift? These do-it-yourself instructions will show you how to make a gift that can be personalized for anyone.

Expressing through Color

haircolor pic-KW
The new “in thing” for today’s generation is to dye their hair. People of all ages are dyeing their hair because it makes them feel more individual and unique.
“All natural” is no longer in style. To stand out, people are dyeing their hair. The haircolors that are the most in style at the moment are very light pastels, all shades of purple, silver and different shades of ombres.

School Spirit Vs. Team Rivalry at HHS


School spirit and school rivalry are not quite the same. Heritage High School’s biggest rivalry with Arapahoe High School is described by Heritage’s Principal Stacey Riendeau as a sibling rivalry.

Community Relations prepares for MAD Week

MAD Week may not be until the second week of April, but the Community Relations Club is already hard at work planning the event.

Improv hits ThesCon

This year, Heritage Thespian Troupe 3759 is sending an improv team to compete at the Colorado State Thespian Conference.

Give ’em the buisness

Two senior boys have made a splash in the Heritage student body with the new staple of the fan section. Reese Leiker and Danny Segura coined the term “Give Em’ the Business” on their idea for a fan T-shirt. The seniors created the idea of “RowdieBoy Apparel” late in their junior year and are finally bringing it to life.

Trail Showcases Snakes

Marleena Trail ’16 has always loved snakes. A few years ago she joined the Zoological Discovery Center, run by Mrs. Karen Green. Now she is a junior board member and they have turned a small business into a major exhibit.

Showcase Night exhibits HHS

This past week on Tuesday, November 5 approximately 240 prospective students came to Heritage from 6:30 to 8:30 to experience the school during the Heritage High School Showcase Night.

These eighth graders took tours throughout the school by groups of LINK crew members.

Students influence DECA Store

In the back corner of the Student Center is an unmistakable blue and red structure known as the DECA Store. This well-known installation is a unique addition to Heritage High School. It garners much of its business during football games, holidays, the end of the school year, parent-teacher conferences, Back to School Night and Showcase Night when parents and underclassmen have the most demand and ease of access to buying Heritage apparel…

Accidents in the Parking lot

In the first two weeks of the HHS parking lot has had three accidents because of students backing out and bumping into other cars.