April, 2015


The not-so-saintly St. Patrick’s Day

On this side of the Atlantic ocean, “Irish” people celebrate their heritage by guzzling cheap “Irish” beverages and wearing cheap clothing announcing their supposed Gaelic ancestry.

Mr. Eagle winner explains the triumph of winning

Another person to have had the honor of winning Mr. Eagle is Jay Merrill who won the event three years ago during his senior year at Heritage High School.

American Sniper under fire

On January 16th, the movie American Sniper was released to the general public. On the surface this movie seemed like just another war movie showing how “bad” the people we were fighting, and it’s easy to understand how this misrepresentation of the movie is understood. But something commonly overlooked is the movie was based on true events.

Scaling the peak on Pi Day

In celebration of “Pi Day,” the school’s Alpine Club took a trip up to Evergreen to climb Bergen Peak.

Advisory affecting Heritage

Though both advisory experiences are different, they both have relatively the same core values, comradery and hard work, two things which Heritage is all about.

Chasing the past Mr. Eagle dream

Many seniors may remember Danny Chase. He won Mr. Eagle two years ago.

Change Wars for a cause

This year’s Spirit Week Change War money is going to the Colorado Veterans Project.

Juniors in the Senior Lot

Even though it’s not the official “Senior Lot,” it’s been a known around the school that that’s where some of the seniors park.