Thursday, March 19th, 2015


Why cheating is on the rise

The average high school student experiences a myriad of pressures in school: there is the pressure to take more AP classes, pressure to have a strong GPA and pressure to score highly on the ACT and SAT.

Tortilla Soup with a dollop of deliciousness

This recipe that has been altered many times to fit the event the Kelley family is doing on a given day and it has been around for generations.

Preparing for PARCC

PARCC tests have replaced CSAP and TCAP testing as the standardized assessment for Colorado students and will be administered at Heritage on March 11-12 and April 29-30. The tests, which have been adopted by 12 states, will be a more effective measure of student knowledge and growth, according to the PARCC website.

Mars One is a go for takeoff

In 1969, humankind made possibly its largest achievement to date. The United States put 12 people on the moon from 1969 to 1972. For the first time in human history, man was capable of leaving this earth and returning safely.