February, 2015


Living in the life of a legislative intern

As many people know, I’m very involved in politics and my interest began when 10 years old. I’m sure many people though my interest wouldn’t last long, but six years later, its turned into a passion.

Gas prices plummet

As the gas prices drop to nearly $2 per gallon, the sighs of relief from teenagers can be heard around the Denver metro area. However, as the wallets of consumers swell, the potential effects of lower gas prices on the economy is dismissed.

Arapahoe High School remembers tragedy one year later

Hundreds gathered on the night of Saturday December 13 for a candlelight remembrance ceremony for Claire Davis on the one-year anniversary of her death in Clarity Commons, a park made in her honor on the Arapahoe High School campus.

ARCUS travels to the Arctic Circle

Summer is a time for relaxation, swimming in refreshingly cool water on hot days and ignoring the dreaded AP summer homework. However, for a group of students and teachers, summer means going to frigid the arctic.