December, 2014


Cranberry Apple Chutney dresses your Turkey

Cranberry Apple Chutney is a great holiday recipe and topping to go with your turkey or ham.

All-State results released for 2015

Every year, over 2,500 students audition to be in the Colorado All-State choirs.

Turkey builds iconic castle

As 16.9% of Turkey’s population is below the poverty line, President Recep Tayyip Erdoǧan and the Turkish government is constructing a $615 million palace with 1,000 rooms.

Keep cursive alive

Several months ago, surrounded by fellow high school juniors and seniors, I sat in an unfamiliar classroom for four long hours to take the SAT. But before we began the torturous test, each student was required to copy a statement in cursive verifying that he or she would not cheat.

Photo courtesy of Nikolai Puc

NP Football-15


Making History

Despite students’ efforts to ruin the senior wall by tagging it with graffiti, wall designer Lauren Max ‘15 decided to repaint it.