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Holiday Home Decor

November 24, 2014 Morgan Smith 0

Want to add a little warm fall spirit to your favorite room? Here is a “how to” to make an easy autumn or holiday home decor or gift.

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LPS Poetry Slam

November 24, 2014 Daria Davidoff 0

On November 11, three Heritage High School students placed in the top five in the Littleton Public School Poetry Slam. Hattie Poole ’18 received 2nd place, Hope Laub ’15 received 4th and Connor Mudd ’17 received 5th place.

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Annoying the adolescents

November 19, 2014 Eva Doherty 0

The complexity of the human brain continues to marvel humans with the seemingly impossible abilities it is capable to perform every day. With this being said, many popular sources of media have done

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