September, 2014


More theater opportunities for actors this fall

The Heritage community will be able to see more theatrical productions than years past. This year the Heritage High School theater department is offering two different fall productions.

Ultimate begins season

High endurance, hand eye coordination, skill, and a rewarding time with stellar teammates are just some of the perks to Ultimate Frisbee.

Class of 2018 marks a new era

Entering the halls of Heritage for the first time is daunting for anyone. As the freshman arrive, they are learning the ropes of Heritage.

Cross Country runs for miles

As the cross country season kicks off, runners grit their teeth and prepare for Coach Runyon’s training. They strive to drop their times with every race and every training run.

Welcoming back or scaring away

Coming back from summer, freshmen learn where their new classes are, and also that seniors run the school. The Welcome Back Dance finalizes this first week of school.

Riendeau makes the call

Heritage High School students will soon notice a big difference in their cell phone coverage as preparations to install a new cell tower began on August 21, 2014.

Swinging into the season

Coming off of their successful season, the Heritage golf team is again in full swing.

Heritage alumnus joins prestigious fellowship

Heritage alumnus Allison Davis has been selected as a Schweitzer fellow for the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship’s 2014-2015 class.

Heritage students build a home

Three and a half days. That’s how long four Heritage students, along with their youth group, had to build a house this summer.

Fallen Angels fall into place

To some people, airsoft is just a hobby some kids play in their backyard with their friends. But to others, airsoft is a lifestyle worth putting thousands of dollars.