April, 2014


Yoga club is back

After a couple months of hiatus, Heritage’s yoga club, named “OmZone” is meeting once again every Thursday in the wrestling room.

Bubba takes the win

Another Masters golf tournament has come to a close, marking the 78th year of the famous tournament at Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, Georgia. Gerry Lestor Watson Jr., aka Bubba Watson, was the one putting on the green jacket on Sunday afternoon.

‘Upbeats’ celebrates National Poetry Month

The halls of Heritage High School have gotten a little artsier this April, as the Upbeats Poetry Club works to help students celebrate National Poetry Month.

‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ a ‘Marvel’-ous hit

You might want to bring a blanket with you to the theater because Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” will give you chills.

Heritage places at the FCCLA State Leadership Conference

Each spring, students in Colorado compete at the FCCLA Sate Leadership Conference. FCCLA stands for “Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America.” Members compete in various events including culinary skills, child development knowledge, fashion design, cake decorating, sports medicine and interior design projects.

Horseflies spark evolutionary chain reaction

Why do zebras have stripes? A University of California, Davis research team has solved the enigma that is the origins of a zebra’s stripes. This evolutionary problem has been debated for 120 years and some hypotheses include the stripes being a form of camouflage, a heat management system or a countermeasure to attack from biting flies.

More lunch options needed

It is a well-known stereotype that many students think school lunches are gross and unhealthy. I completely disagree. The quality of the school lunches is not the problem; the problem is the variety of choices the lunch menu provides.

Learning to listen

These days people are busy with their own lives and problems so it makes it hard for an individual person to stop, listen, and help another person with her problems.

Hold On

Starting a band takes a lot of initiative and cooperation, and it’s finally coming together for Parker Tinsley ’15, Owen Pishna ’17 and Sam Roll ’15 who just formed a new band named Hold On.

Gustafson gets a MAD idea

“Whoo-whoo,” Ms. Gustafson cheered while counting the money.