Monday, March 17th, 2014


Meteorites suggest Martian life

The topic of countless science fiction movies and novels as been the prospect of life on Mars. Now, a newly discovered Martian meteorite sheds light on the planet’s past.

Reflecting on the years

Three women lead some of the most helpful upperclassmen in the school. Ms. Amanda Glerup, Ms. Patty Masciotro and Ms. Jill Rickard are the LINK sponsors at Heritage High School.

The Heritage LINK program is a selected group of dedicated and exceptional juniors and seniors that mentor the freshman throughout their first year in high school.

Heritage app launches

Heritage High School has officially announced the creation of their new app through the SchoolInfoApp Company.

Talent of the Month: Meagan Flinders

“I plan to go to college to study Musical Theater. It is my true passion, and I don’t think I could ever give it up,” says Meagan Flinders ’14 about her love for the performing arts.

Photo courtesy of Shawn Gillespie