Heritage skaters to shine in “Showtime on Ice”



This spring, three talented Heritage figure skaters will be taking the ice in South Suburban Ice Arena’s annual “Showtime on Ice” performance.

The show began in 1973 as a way to expose skaters to Broadway musicals. Each year, the performance is divided into two acts. The first act usually consists of a Disney or Broadway storyline, and the second act ranges in themes from Michael Jackson to the Olympics.

Showtime on Ice” also brings in guest skaters to perform. Over the years, skaters like Kristi Yamaguchi and Robin Galindo have performed. Last year, Olympic skater Gracie Gold performed one of her short programs at the beginning of the show.

This year, the first act of the show will follow the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the second act is a tribute to the Beatles. Devan Walsh ’15 has a stepout role during the Beatles tribute. She is also featured as a Wonkette in the first half along with Lydia Waterman ’17 and Lauren Healy ’15.

Denver Figure Skating Club advertises for this year's "Showtime on Ice"

Denver Figure Skating Club advertises for this year’s “Showtime on Ice”.

For Healy, Showtime on Ice is a new experience. This is not only her first time participating in this particular show, but also her first time performing in an ice show.

“My favorite part about participating is probably getting to know all of the skaters that skate different sessions than I do,” says Healy.

Walsh started participating in “Showtime on Ice” back in 2008. Since then, she has worked her way up into the bigger roles. Last year, she was even able to “fly” in a harness as an Olympic high-Diver in the Olympic tribute. She also enjoys skating for a full audience and getting ready for the show each year.

“I  like being at rehearsal, it makes you feel apart of something big and I’ve had some of my best memories during Showtime,” says Walsh.

But participating comes with its challenges. The skaters rehearse every Saturday leading up to the show as well as every day after school during the week of the show. This is all in addition to the many hours they put into their training during the week.

“Balancing spending four hours a day at the rink with homework and clubs is hard sometimes,” says Healy.

With all of the work the skaters are putting into it, they are hoping for a successful show.   will run from May 9 through May 11 at South Suburban Ice Arena.

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