February, 2014


TSA prepares for state

The Technology Student Association is hard at work putting the final touches on their projects for the upcoming state conference being held at the end of February at the Denver Tech Center.

Social media runs society

Our world has become surrounded, inundated, and consumed with technology and social media. Every day millions of people are visiting sites and downloading hundreds of apps. It has become a normal part of the everyday routine of life.

So many different social media sites exist. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, and many more.

Hollywood celebrates 86 years of the Academy Awards

On March 2 the most talented filmmakers and actors will pile into the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles to celebrate “The Magic of the Movies” at the 86th Annual Academy Awards.

Sudan struggles through religious conflict

For the past three months, a civil war has over swept large areas of Sudan. The solders of northern Sudan have come into the southern part and have been stealing animals, killing people in the villages and burning homes. The main cause of the intense fighting is a rivalry between two major ethnic groups, the Dinkas and the Nuers.

Heritage skaters to shine in “Showtime on Ice”

This spring, three talented Heritage figure skaters will be taking the ice in South Suburban Ice Arena’s annual “Showtime on Ice” performance.

United in defeat

The best offense is the best defense. The Seattle Seahawks are certainly proof of this famous maxim. After beating the Denver Broncos very handily, 43-8, the number one ranked defense in the league celebrate their victory to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Unified Eagles takes off

Heritage is home to numerous sports and athletes. Inside the gym walls, the Unified Eagles, coaches, and student partners practice for their basketball games every Wednesday night.

The team practices every Tuesday from 2:30pm to 3:30pm in the Aux gym. The team has had two wins already in their season. They are lead by their six coaches: Mindy Wilson, Kyle Duggan, Kat Mackey, Ginny Youngkin, Kim Cuthbert and Kelli Glorso.

Guns part of the solution

The ability to obtain and carry a concealed weapon disturbs my wish that the world is safe.

I choose to believe that there is no reason to carry a gun on a person because that shouldn’t be the first reaction to a “life threatening” situation. I think people should call emergency enforcement if they should come into contact with a problem.

From the embryo to medicine

You may have heard about stem cells in newspapers, on the television, or simply in your Biology class. Now, new methods have made these shape-shifting cells even more prevalent…

Wamsley’s journey to Heritage

Attending Penn State, Mr. Brett Wamsley did not make the decision to teach until his junior year of college. After working at summer camps and taking on the role of a leader, he realized that a Biology major with good leadership is perfect for teaching. Moving here for the fishing, skiing, and outdoor activities in 2003, he now claims to be Colorado proud.