December, 2013


Stop hazing

Hazing is the act that causes embarrassment, harassment or ridicule to an individual. It may risk emotional and or physical harm.

It affects members of a group or team weather they are experienced or not. They are forced to participate regardless of the person’s willingness.

‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary episode entertains Whovians everywhere

It has been 50 years of companions, alien monsters and wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff for the Doctor. November 23 marked the 50th Anniversary of the popular BBC sci-fi television show Doctor Who. Past and present characters were united for this special episode, titled “The Day of the Doctor.”

Familiar faces including Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman, the current Doctor and companion, teamed up with past actors David Tennant and Billie Piper, along with a special guest appearance by John Hurt as a mysterious incarnation of the Doctor.

Society’s ‘war on Christmas’ proves to be sickening

First it’s Thanksgiving, a holiday gobbled-up by greed and innumerable “Gray Thursday” deals. Now it’s Christmas, being censored and replaced with generic “holiday cheer” in numerous public arenas. With this “war on Christmas” of sorts, I shudder to think what’s in store for other holidays, especially ones with faith-based origins.

Swimmers ready

Sam Chacon ‘14 and Mary Hinton ‘14 are ready to swim to state this year and lead their team in a strong season as the varsity captains.

Mudd captures third at Littleton poetry slam

He captured the hearts of his audience as well as an impressive third place finish when poet Connor Mudd ’17 took to the stage at the LPS Poetry Slam. “A lot of these students are going to be doing some brave things,” said event-coordinator Nate Thompson before the slam commenced. The official host of the evening was Jovan Mayes, a familiar face to the Heritage community. Jovan Mayes is a competing slam poet for the Denver Slam Nuba National Team, and he travels from school to school, demonstrating his poetryRead More

Folk, film collide in ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’

Inside LLewyn Davis, a Coen Brothers film, is sure to be a critically-acclaimed piece as well as an audience-captivator. LLewyn Davis tells the story of a struggling folk singer in the early 1960’s.

With Greenwich Village serving as the backdrop to the film, the screen is home to a fairly well-known cast. Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan, and John Goodman support newcomer Oscar Isaac in the leading role.

Basketball season in full swing

After an emotional loss in the season opener to the Warriors in the annual rivalry battle, the Heritage boy’s basketball team rallied to a 53-46 win against Rocky Mountain. Despite the boys lack of age and experience the team is expecting nothing but a winning season.

Early rush for Black Friday deals

After the Thanksgiving Day feast and festivities-after the sleepy period of satisfaction and company of family-comes the hectic period right at midnight when the stores open and the scramble for Black Friday deals begins

How to be Hip (Satirically)

These days, the key to success in high school is to be constantly better and cooler than everyone around you. Being sufficiently hip in today’s society can seem difficult, but it is actually something anyone can be successful at.

Being hip is more than an act. It is a commitment. The key to being hip is to carefully choose who you associate with. Sincerity and kindness are for squares. The first step to being totally hip is to eliminate all your genuine, boring friends from your social circle and replace them with cool people. Don’t even make eye-contact with anyone who doesn’t share your radically progressive opinions. If one of your “friends” supports the incorrect candidate…

Hoopla over Hullaballoo

The house lights dim and the MCs cascade over the seats. Before the audience knows what hit them, the word “Hullallbaoo” ( supposed to be “Hullaballoo”) awkwardly appears on stage; letters held at all kinds of angles. So begins another Heritage talent exhibition.