Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013


Working While Learning

In a student’s seemingly overwhelming and busy life, there are those who tack on an extra obligation to their schedules, like working after school at Old Navy. A study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports…

Heritage alumni flooded out

As homes were flooded and roads destroyed in early September, Colorado was declared a major disaster zone.

Helping the community one school at a time

The beginning of the school year for the Heritage High School Student Leadership class started off with a challenge of teamwork and organization. The Student Government-based class teamed up with Littleton High School to help deliver school supplies to both middle and high school students in need in the Littleton Public Schools District.

The project was initially started last spring when money was donated by the Student Government members to go toward the service project.

Fun Facts on Faculty

Ms. Smith can read and write backwards and is currently pregnant. Ms. Gustafson used to live in Hawaii when she was a little girl and attended the same high school as Barack Obama (Punahou School) and she also used to be a professional singer before she was a teacher. Ms. Hurley has 15 cup holders in her Minivan and also used to work at Hobby Lobby fluffing Christmas trees Coach Griebel has been a coach at Heritage for the past 31 years and all 3 of this children have attendedRead More

Gymnastics compete for Heritage

The gymnastics team this year has made major changes by competing with ten girls and one boy.

Coaches Karen Griebel and Megan Kling lead the team and hold practices every day. For these gymnasts, they face endurance, fear and commitment. Kaela Schandle ’16 has been on the gymnastics team before, this being her second year. One of Schandle’s favorite things about the team is the bonding and experience. This is because it benefits in competitions having to trust and help each other at every stage.