Marketing to new heights

DECA Club, sponsored by Mrs. Barb Bolen, is a group for all students interested in a marketing career. Students get a hands-on experience of working in a functioning store while learning about all the different aspects of marketing. It is a co-curricular club, meaning that all members must be in the marketing class. The DECA students operate and run the store located in the student center, where they sell school supplies and Heritage gear for students.

“DECA is a fun class because you get to experience the work environment before high school is over. You learn how a functioning business works and how to be a part of it. I think it’s a great opportunity for kids to learn the lessons of having a job and gaining experience that could help get a job later on,” says Josh Peil ’14.

Besides running the store, DECA students prepare themselves for state, regional, and national Deca competitions. At these high level competitions, students are put in stressful case studies where they must use their experience and knowledge gained to solve the problem.

“This club is really like a sport. The high level of competition at state, regionals, and nationals creates a fun and competitive environment for students to expand their marketing skills. This club is for students very interested in a marketing and business career, whether its marketing, sales, or promotions any students with a drive to develop will be successful, and it is a very fun class,” says Bolen.

The store is now open in the student center and the students are getting excited for competitions soon to come.

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Class Poems

I once had senioritis

From school I took hiatus

Life was so grand

I was king of the land!

Now I’m super senior, the highest


I’m a junior: one grade superior

We all agree: seniors are inferior

What’s this about college?

Way too much knowledge!

And all this homework can kiss my posterior


Sophomores rule! We’re all so smart

We’ve got high school to an art

Look at freshmen all small

We can finally rule them all

Pomposity off the chart!


So we’re freshmen, no big deal

We’ll never show how scared we feel

Now please tell me

Where I’m to be

And why my French sounds like Creole?

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Indie Spotlight – WALK THE MOON

WALK THE MOON is known for their watercolor artwork. Image credit to

WALK THE MOON is known for their watercolor artwork. Image credit to

Although not “technically” independent, Cincinnati-based WALK THE MOON is breaking the indie scene with their energetic sound, bright guitar riffs, and accessible style.

Many people are already familiar with their lead single “Anna Sun,” and a few people might know their song “Tightrope,” but their latest album, Walk the Moon, is full of colorful singles beyond just the ones that get the radio play.

“Quesadilla” opens the album like a thesis statement. It is a bright, peppy power-pop song that essentially captures the overarching style of WALK THE MOON and their first commercially successful album. With staccato riffs reminiscent of Modest Mouse and catchy synth melodies, “Quesadilla” preps the listeners for the rest of the album.

WALK THE MOON’s lead single, “Anna Sun,” begins with a run of lyrics and a fast-paced kick drum that never loses momentum. The catchy melody once again makes the track, and the song keeps a good pace with its stylistic variety and driven lyrics.

“Tightrope” is another catchy and driven song on Walk the Moon. Although it was less successful on the charts than “Anna Sun,” it is a strong single with a more distinct “alternative” style than others on the album.

WALK THE MOON is a unique act with huge mainstream potential. Despite their increasing popularity, the band still has its charming style and artistic integrity, and Walk the Moon is only the beginning for them.

Their next show in Denver is on October 26th at the Ogden.

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John Green: Bringing the tears out of readers everywhere

“It’s going to hurt. It’s going to hurt because it matters.”

These words were spoken by the one young adult fiction writer who has impacted my life the most: John Green.

Last spring, after a bumpy road of trying (and failing) to order a book from Amazon, I finally managed to get my hands on a copy of Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. And was it ever worth the wait. The novel tells the love story of two cancer patients, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, and their trials through illness. But it is so much more than a teen romance novel. It is a masterpiece that has changed the way I think about the world. The writing is so perfect and the characters so complex that I have read and reread it and still learn something new each time. Words cannot describe how beautiful this novel is. And I don’t want to spoil too much. But let me warn you, should you make the right decision and read it: You will cry. A lot. But that’s okay.  After all, in the words of Mr. Green himself, it hurts because it matters.

So, naturally, after finishing and completely obsessing over TFIOS, I looked Green up on the internet, and found out that not only is he a writer, but also a YouTuber.  Each week, John and his brother Hank make brilliant videos directed at each other, almost like a blog. The Vlogbrothers channel, as it is called, offers videos with unique perspectives on topics ranging from the conflict in Syria to current pop music. John and Hank also facilitate channels such as CrashCourse, where Chemistry and AP U.S. History students can go for help, Mental Floss, a channel of useless but interesting facts, and hankgames, in which the viewer can watch Hank and his wife play Super Mario Brothers, or John play Fifa, if you’re into that kind of thing. The brothers are also avid philanthropists, and are just brilliant human beings in general.

If you haven’t yet made the acquaintance of John Green, either through reading his novels or watching him on YouTube, I highly recommend you do so. Through something as seemingly simple as a 313 page novel, my outlook on life altered significantly. It’s the people like Hank and John Green that restore my faith in humanity.

Green reads The Fault in our Stars aloud at the Indian Springs School, where he graduated from. A movie based on the novel is currently being filmed  and stars Ansel Elgort as Augustus and Shailene Woodley as Hazel.

Green reads The Fault in our Stars aloud at the Indian Springs School, where he graduated from. A movie based on the novel is currently being filmed and stars Ansel Elgort as Augustus and Shailene Woodley as Hazel.

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Terrorist Attack on Kenya Mall

A normal Saturday in Nairobi, Kenya, ended horribly on September 21, 2013. Terrorists associated with the Somalia-based Al-Shabaab group attacked Westgate shopping mall. Shortly after noon at least five men with guns attacked an outdoor cafe at the mall. Eight other gunmen fired at panicked shoppers and Kenyan police officers. People were fleeing in every direction, looking for an exit and attempting to hide under cover. Squads of masked gunmen roamed the mall, letting Muslims go. Thirty American citizens, including people from the U.S. Embassy were in the mall but they have evacuated and been accounted for. This attack has shaken the Embassy and the U.S. citizens in Nairobi.

“The Embassy is most likely on super-duper high alert and the Americans should come home,”  says Dave Sedivy, a Government teacher at Heritage.

Wounded and bleeding people were being pushed out of the center in shopping carts. Injured adults were carrying screaming and traumatized children. Woman were rocking and consoling each other in the street while men in camouflage raced around carefully stretched out bodies to get inside the mall. The U.S. Embassy and the UK Foreign Office in Nairobi strongly cautioned people to avoid public places and to stay home. Special force troops moved inside the mall and helicopters moved overhead as President Uhuru Kenyatta gave an address to the country.

“We have overcome terrorist attack before. We will defeat them again,” says Kenyatta.

Among many Kenyan nationals killed and injured, other countries and cultures are also suffering and grieving the loss of their people. Kenya will never be the same again.

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