The truth about fracking


Its name: oil fracking. Its cause: to ruin the environment. This technology has been in the news lately, but do we know what it is? It was developed over 60 years ago when panic of the United States running out of natural gas existed. Oil fracking pumps millions of gallons of chemically treated water into shales or oil supplies during the process of harvesting natural gas. The pressure of this water is reported at 9,000 pounds per square inch or more causing the shales to break and allow the water to enter urban wells making this water unusable (

Now, what does this mean? We do get more natural gas in a more efficient and timely manner, but at what cost? Natural gas is a cleaner method of fuel than gasoline or oil, but the process of oil fracking still releases a considerable amount of green house gases to the environment. Also, water is being taken from local wells for the fracking process. According to a study at Carnegie Mellon University, as much as seven million gallons of water are used for a single well and 30% of water is lost forever. The chemicals in this water, according to Vanity Fair 2010, have yet to be released. Who knows what is going into our local water causing it to be unusable. Yes, signs reading “Don’t drink this water” are placed around various well areas, but do we really want this for our environment?

There are alternative, green energy sources that the United States can utilize besides natural gas. Fracking is detrimental to the environment. Period. We all have to share this earth and make sure it’s healthy for the next generation; this expectation will not be met if we continue with the fracking. Fracking affects towns, natural habitats, air quality and wildlife. The effects of fracking are astronomical.

This is a problem not just in rural parts of the nation. According to, in 2011 Congress found that fracking industries blasted 1.3 million gallons of diesel into wells in the state. Action is being taken though in various campaigns on local and national levels. By gaining awareness and support, the end of racking can come sooner rather than later.

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