Monday, March 25th, 2013


Heritage dancers shine on stage

Heritage High School is home to a plethora of talented students. There are the theater kids, athletes, musicians, artists, and even four talented ballerinas. Abby Specht ’13, Karina Okoren ’13, Hannah Kois ’14 and KT Wicker ’16 have all been cast as leads in Littleton Youth Ballet’s upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz.

Specht and Kois have been given the unique opportunity of sharing the role of Glinda. After receiving the news, both were excited.

“I think I cried tears of happiness. Glinda was the part I really wanted, so I was ecstatic,” says Kois.

Designing the Future

For many students concurrent enrollment is a possibility to study outside the walls of Heritage and to test the waters of possible careers before heading to college. For for senior Alex Obourn the concurrent enrollment is just that.

Alex is one of eight students who takes the Fashion Design course at Ames Elementary near Tony’s Meat Market on Dry Creek.

“I found out about the class last year from Mrs. Perry. She knew I am into Fashion and sewing so she asked if I was interested in taking that class,” says Obourn.