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Remembering Chaney King

February 14, 2013 Morgan Mackey 0

Chaney King graduated from Heritage High School in the class of 2000. She had a remarkable bubbly and inspiring personality that was irreplaceable. She was always happy and no matter what was happening she would say “it’s all good”. She was a swimmer and a star student while at Heritage. After she graduated she then continued on to the Air Force Academy.

10 years ago this month Chaney King was tragically killed in car accident at the age of 20. She was a passenger in the car with her boyfriend when he didn’t see an overgrown stop sign.

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Print in the making

February 11, 2013 Sara Niswonger 0

Nestled back in an art room on the first floor Mr. Bernal’s printmaking class is hard at work carving out various images for their next exciting assignment.

Senior Lauren Harrington recalls that the printmaking class works with three main types of prints; relief prints, reductive relief prints, and intaglio prints.

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Once upon a winter musical

February 11, 2013 Karly Goranson 0

“Once Upon a Mattress”
February 28, March 1 & 2
7pm nightly + 2pm Sat. matinee

Purchase tickets online!

Heritage’s theatre department welcomes more talent for this year’s musical, “Once Upon a Mattress.”

This year’s musical puts a whimsical twist on the childhood tale, “The Princess and the Pea.” For his first musical, Seth Deeter ’14 is very excited for show night.

“Being my first, it’s all very exciting and there is so much going on and I love it already,” explains Deeter.

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Partnering up with Unified

February 11, 2013 Erika Davidoff 0

The coaches teach them the game. The fans cheer them on. The players give it their all. And the partners — the Heritage students on the court beside their HHS PACE teammates — make Unified Eagles a positive and exciting experience for everyone involved.

As Special Olympics Colorado describes, Unified partners become teammates and friends with the athletes, “promoting physical health and bringing people together.” Heritage partners have fully embraced this mission.

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Diving off the fiscal cliff

February 11, 2013 Audrey Moylan 0

The phrase “fiscal cliff” has been spreading like wildfire through newspapers, books, magazines, blogs, websites, economics classes and discussions around the world. The Council on Foreign Relations explains that “fiscal cliff” refers to a time when, if there are no changes made to the nation’s financial laws, taxes increase, government spending decreases and its deficit slowly reduces. The most immediate effect involves increasing the income tax and stopping the tax breaks.

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Tune out of autotune

February 11, 2013 Olivia Lopez 0

The warbled, computerized voices flood out of my car speakers. Robot voices. Voices that cause me to angrily smash my palm against the dashboard and shut off the radio. Autotune has taken over the music scene, and I am not happy about it. In fact, I’m spitting mad.

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Alcohol allowed?

February 11, 2013 Audrey Moylan 0

Almost everyone has witnessed underage drinking either in person or through the media. Tons of parties happen every year across the country, and to see minors drinking is a common occurrence. No matter how much of an effort the nation puts into restricting this activity, it cannot be fully prevented. Why should we keep the legal age for the consumption of alcohol at 21 years old when the country’s 18 year olds can marry, vote or go to war?

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Keeping HHS students secure

February 11, 2013 Madison Kaemerer 0

The past year has been a scary one for America. Many shootings have happened, and many people have lost their lives because of gun violence. After the shooting at Newtown, schools across the country have started to either create new safety protocols or reinforce ones that have already been instated, and Heritage is not an exception.

Ms. Stacey Riendeau, Principal, and Mrs. Janet Sedivy, Assistant Principal who is also in charge of safety, believe that there are many steps that can be taken to protect Heritage and prevent violent incidents from happening.

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Putting an end to the winter doldrums

February 11, 2013 Katie Logar 0

Christmas is over and it goes without saying that it’s not really socially-acceptable to watch Christmas movies any more. But just because you had to pack away the tree and lights doesn’t mean that those warm, cozy nights in front of the T.V. are over. There are plenty of outstanding movies to catch up on over the next few weeks of winter that are sure to put an end to your winter doldrums.