1 to 1 Technology Arrives at Heritage

Heritage High school has recently started a one to one technology program. Middle schools in LPS have already started this one to one program, so why is Heritage just now getting into it?

“There is a want and a need [at Heritage],” says Mr. Nathan Ubowski, Instructional Technology Specialist.

All the middle school’s in the LPS district  have started this one to one technology program. The freshman this year have skills with the one to one program that they weren’t going to use going into highschool, Mr. Ubowski thought that didn’t sound right. High schools should be involving technologically, just as fast as junior high, so the one to one program came to Heritage. The feedback that Heritage heard from adults and students was outstanding.

“Parents, teachers and students, supported and found great success with the chromebooks at the junior high level last year,” says Ubowski.

Throughout Heritage, kids have the ability to take out their chromebooks and be productive with their off time. Getting homework done during school, frees up sometime after school. Home computers are a big demand when it comes to homework, so students who have their own computers don’t need to have shared time with their siblings.

“Parents found, it was freeing up time at home for other students to use the home computers,” says Ubowski.

Now at the Junior high level and the freshman class are use to having this kind of technology at their fingertips. What do the high school students who are just now experiencing the one to one technology, think of it?

“I feel like it has disconnected us from our teachers, it’s not a way that I like to learn,” says Sophie Lutz ‘18.

Mixed reviews have come from the student body, but with time the pros will outweigh the cons. Less paper means the school is going more green, teachers and students don’t have to carry as many papers around, but there is no doubt that paper will still be used. Some students let their computers disconnect them from the students and the teachers that surround them.


Students work to finish their assignment in English. They have the option to get a Chromebook or use their own computer.

There is no doubt that teachers and students will be getting used to having the one to one program around. The power of technology is now officially at Heritage.

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